Here is how do add Zoho to Android, iPhone, or Outlook.

First, make sure that your account allow IMAP or POP3 service available

Allow IMAP or POP3 access on Zoho.

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on gear icon on top right;
  2. Click Mail tab;
  3. Scroll down and get Mail Accounts, click on that. (see image bellow).
  4. Click on your IMAP or POP3 depends on which service do you want to use, fell free to ask us on the comment bellow to get further information about IMAP and POP3 details.
  5. Give check mark on POP Access if you want to use POP3 service, give check mark on IMAP Access if you want to use IMAP service.
  6. Now your email account will be allow IMAP (or POP3) access.

Setup Zoho Mail on Android

At this moment we are going to setup Zoho Mail on Android using IMAP

  1. On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts > Add Accounts;
  2. Tap on Email on account type shown;
  3. Chose Other (POP3/IMAP) on Mail Provider option;
  4. Type in you email address and password, then click on Manual Setup
  5. Tap on IMAP on Email Account Type shown;
  6. Fill this information for Incoming Server setup:  IMAP Server: ; Port Number: 993; Security Type: SSL, tap Next, if you successfully setup IMAP, a SMPT setup page will show up.
  7. Fill this information for Outgoing Server setup. SMPT Server:; Port Number: 465; Security Type: SSL.
  8. Click on finish, if your settings is correct, now you can send/ receive Zoho Mail from your phone

Setup Zoho Mail on iPhone

is on the way

Setup Zoho Mail on Outlook

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