Create a powerful home base wifi network system. We will help you set up the whole computer network systems (LAN)
and provide regular maintenances to your hardware and software so you can work together with peace
of mind!

Dealing with the WiFi problem is a headache as too many aspects to take care. With more than 7 years of experience in managing WiFi for hotels, villa, restaurant, office or others (mostly in Bali), our wifi specialists are always prepared to fix your WiFi needs.

Our services and fees include:

  • LAN set up, including your
  • Regular maintenance: virus-scan, dust off your hardwares (to keep it squeaky clean!), check for
    updates, software cleanup, etc
  • We will be on-call for your immediate needs during the contract

This is how we work:

  • After receiving your request, we will conduct an initial survey at your site.
  • We will send you a proposal that includes the number of hardwares, as well as their types, that
    suitable for your work.
  • We do the purchasing and negotiating. We also can help you to do negotiation to the ISPs e.g. Biznet, CBN, Telkom, and others ISP.
  • Installation day – connecting your computers to make a powerful network that will last.
  • Test, trial, error, test – we will make sure you get the best set up that you need.
  • When everything is good to go, we will give your staff the training.
  • We will monitor and ensure your system runs optimally at all times.
  • We’re just a phone call away from your problems! Call us whenever you sense something

Check our Computer Managed Service if you need service for your computer hardware. And please always feel free to contact us or chat with us on this website now to get more details, it’s free.