What is CometSoul?

We are a group of Balinese folks who, well, happen to be IT experts.

We understand that it’s easy to get tangled in IT terminologies. That’s why we’re here to make your work a lot simpler, so you can focus on today’s goals.

Amid Covid19 pandemic, we are introducing PT. Indo Dygital Cerdas Prathama as our legal name.

How CometSoul can Help Me?

  1. Our service covers all things from website development to Wi-Fi installment, tech support to internet maintenance. We are your all-in-one IT solutions.
  2. We value your time tremendously. Hence, we have made it easy for you to reach us directly via website or WhatsApp. Skip the formal email.
  3. IT can be a fussy and messy web. That’s why it takes a creative solution to solve multiple problems in a snap. Let us take care of that, from choosing equipment to installing them.

Find our offices in Ubud and Tabanan, where we juggle multiple projects while occasionally sipping coconuts, bouncing off ideas with friends and coworkers, and ensuring speedy connection for all clients.

We love working with a paddy view but we mostly would love to work with YOU!

Let’s talk!

Our Values

Move Forward & Grow Together

We believe, there is an opportunity behind every challenge. And we believe that we are able to answer every challenge faced by our clients and help them to progress and develop together.

Providing Solutions

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best solutions.

Smart & Innovating

The development and implementation of the best technology is one of our strengths in providing services to our customers.

Who is Behind CometSoul?

Jusdek Dody, founder of CometSoul

Jusdek Dody Prathama

Chief Operating Officer

With a small number of teams, Dody started CometSoul. Although it is not easy, CometSoul has completed dozens of projects and is also trusted to be a consultant in several hotels, villas, offices and co-working spaces in Bali.

Dody completed his master’s study in 2014 with a Masters in Engineering at one of the best universities in Indonesia, the Bandung Institute of Technology.

His interest in information technology and business dates back to high school.

CometSoul Milestones

  • 2012 – CometSoul was founded in early 2012. Working on computer network projects for hotel and villa businesses in Bali.
  • 2015 – CometSoul provides managed service services to customers. Trusted by dozens of hotels, villas, co-working spaces, animation studios and offices in Bali and Cambodia.
  • Saat Ini – CometSoul is developing technology that makes it easier for business class users to access the internet more quickly and safely.